Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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{How to [Drain] a Water Heater}

Part 1

Water Heater Prep

1- Turn off your water heater.

2- Allow the water in the water heater to cool before continuing.

Part 2

Water Heater Flow

1- Turn the cold water intake valve off.

2- Turn on a hot water tap in your house to remove excess water in the pipes.

3- Open the pressure relief valve on the tank.

Part 3

Garden Hose Drainage

1- Find a very long garden hose.

2- Test the length of the hose before continuing.

3- Assess whether your water heater sits above or below ground level.

4- Connect the pump, if this is necessary.

5- Connect the garden hose to the water heater drain valve.

6- Allow the water to pump out or drain out completely.

7- Catch some of the water in a bucket, if the water is going to escape into a drain.

Part 4

Water Heater Flushing

1- Assess the water in the bucket for evidence of sediment.

2- Flush the water heater, if there is a large amount of sediment.

3- Disconnect the garden hose, flip the pressure switch and turn your gas intake or electricity intake back on.